OCRID Researchers Earn Grants

July 13, 2016

Four OCRID investigators, Drs. Heather Fahlenkamp, Kenneth Miller, Teleguakula Narasaraju, and Lijun Xia, were recently awarded grants through the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science & Technology (OCAST). The titles of the grants are listed below.

Heather Fahlenkamp: Ex Vivo Generation of Dendritic Cells from an Advanced Vascular Tissue Construct

Kenneth Miller: The role of glutamatergic sensory neurons in the initiation of and response to colitis

Teleguakula Narasaraju: A novel combination therapy for influenza pneumonia

Lijun Xia: Antisense-mediated splicing therapy for mucolipidosis-III

Drs. Fahenkamp and Narasaraju are project leaders in the CoBRE grant and hold an academic appointment in the Departments of Chemical Engineering and Physiological Sciences at OSU, Stillwater, respectively. Dr. Miller is a pilot project leader in OCRID and his academic home is the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology at CHS, OSU, Tulsa. Dr. Xia is an OCRID center investigator and holds an academic appointment in the Oklahoma MedicalResearch Foundation at Oklahoma City.

We congratulate these researchers and look forward to hearing more about their studies soon!