Drs. Shitao Li and Richard Eberle Receive NIH Grants


Congratulations to OCRID members, Drs. Shitao Li and Richard Eberle, on their recent grant awards from the National institutes of Health!

Dr. Shitao Li and his previous mentor, Dr. Martin Dorf, from Harvard received an NIH R01 grant entitled “Interferon-induced IFITM recruitment of ZMPSTE24 blocks viral endocytic entry”. Dr. Li’s share is $813,488. He just learned that another NIH R15 grant on which he serves as PI received a fundable impact score of 16. The proposal title is “Taxilin Alpha Regulates DNA-Mediated and Interferon-Dependent Innate Immunity” and the total budget is $431,815. Dr. Li was OCRID’s second new recruit, having joined OCRID in June 2015. He holds an Assistant Professor appointment in the Department of Physiological Sciences, OSU.

Dr. Richard Eberle, co-Director of OCRID and Professor in the Department of Pathobiology, OSU, received an NIH R24 grant entitled “Improved treatment for zoonotic BV infections”. This is a 4-year award totaling $1,068,582.

Congratulations again to these two center investigators! We are delighted to celebrate your accomplishments with you.