Richard Eberle, Ph.D

Dr. Eberle’s is a Professor in the Department of Veterinary Pathobiology, CVHS, OSU. His primary research area of interest is herpesviruses of primates, and he has maintained continuous external support for his research program since 1987. He also has research interests in equine and bovine respiratory viral infections. While on leave from 1992-1993, he served as Program Director for the Molecular Genetics Program at the National Science Foundation in Washington, DC. On his return to OSU he served as Associate Dean for Research at OSU CVHS for 5 years. As Associate Dean, Dr. Eberle initiated two NIH training grant programs, one for summer research training of minority high school students and one for a summer research training program for veterinary students. The latter program has been continuously active since its inception and is currently a highly popular and competitive program for veterinary students seeking experience in biomedical research. From 1996-2000 Dr. Eberle served as a member of the NIH-NCRR Comparative Medicine Study Section, and since then has served on and chaired numerous NIH-NCRR special emphasis review panels including research, training grant, and construction grant programs. He has also served on NIH site visit review committees for most of the NIH-supported National Primate Research Centers (NPRC). He has also served on the National Scientific Review Board for the California NPRC.          

      Dr. Eberle has been actively involved in development of the baboon breeding program with OUHSC and the mentoring of young researchers. When the Japanese government funded four researchers to address the issue of Monkey B virus in Japanese macaque research colonies, 3 of the 4 research faculty came to Dr. Eberle's laboratory for training. One of his postdoctoral fellows is now an NIH-funded investigator and the other holds a faculty position at another veterinary school. One of his graduate students was a recipient of a Howard Hughes Fellowship and is now an Assistant Professor on the OSU CVHS faculty. Another graduate student is currently a faculty member at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she is Director of the biocontainment research facility. 

Contact Information:
Phone: (405) 744-8169
Office: 250 McElroy Hall       
          Stillwater, OK 74078
Biosketch: Dr. Eberle