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Respiratory and Infectious Diseases

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Pilot project investigators, OCRID faculty, and other Oklahoma investigators may have limited animal research experience and limited biosafety level training in in vivo preclinical experimentation of respiratory and infectious diseases. In addition, these researchers will need in vivo validation of in vitro discoveries. As a result, consistent care, experimental procedures with pathogens in vivo, and animal husbandry are important for the success of the pilot projects, funding applications, and manuscript publication. Therefore, the objective of the Animal Models Core (AMC) is to ensure experimental consistency, compliance with animal welfare and pathogen safety regulations, and to provide training in animal model phenotyping and cutting-edge respiratory and infectious disease experiments.

OCRID Core Facilities User Satisfaction Survey


OCRID core facilities are committed to providing top quality services and technical expertise in respiratory and infectious disease for center investigators as well as non-center investigators. We encourage you to fill out our quick 10 question survey so your answers, comments and suggestions can help us improve our services. 


Core Facilities User Satisfaction Survey

  • People


    Myron Hinsdale, Ph.D, CVM, OSUMyron Hinsdale
    Associate Professor
    Department of Physiological Sciences
    Center for Veterinary Health Sciences
    Oklahoma State University-Stillwater
    Contact Information:
    Phone: (405) 744-8107
    Office: Rm 264, McElroy Hall
                 Stillwater, OK 74078
    Biosketch: Dr. Hinsdale


    Rudra Channappanavar, Ph.D,headshot of Dr. Rudra Channappanavar
    Assistant Professor 
    Veterinary Pathobiology
    College of Veterinary Medicine
    Oklahoma State University
    Contact Information:
    Phone: 405-744-7224
    Office: 215
    Biosketch: Dr. Channappanavar

    Graduate Student

    Nabin Poudel 
    BVSc – Tribhuvan University, Nepal
    Thesis Advisor:  Dr. Myron Hinsdale
    Research Topic:  Extracellular matrix in cell proliferation

  • Why is it important?

    Services & Equipment

    Five Modalities

    • Mouse colony management, genotyping, and husbandry
    • Animal model experiment design
    • Assistance with Vertebrate section of grant
    • Assistance with animal use protocol
    • Isolation of adipose tissue MSCs and characterization
    • Therapeutic intratracheal instillation of MSCs.
    • Viral and bacterial instillation for respiratory disease models
    • Respiratory physiology and mechanics analyses using SCIREQ flexiVent-3, Module 1
    • Blood analyzer for clinical chemistries and blood gases using i-STAT, Model i-STAT 1 IA-Abbot 
    • Real time continuous blood oxygenation analyses using MouseOx Plus, neonatal mice to adults.
    • Full anesthetic support with:
      • Vaporstick and anesthesia machine, precision vaporizer
      • Vinv-smit-0141  Rodent Induction chamber
      • Vinv-smit-0128  Rodent respiration circuit set
    • Xtreme (by Bruker) in vivo luminescent imaging with precise animal anatomic localization of mammalian and bacterial cells.

    If you have questions or would like to use any of these services please see the "Forms" tab or contact Dr. Myron Hinsdale at with "AMC OCRID" in the subject line. 

  • Forms

    To utilize the services offered by the Animal Model Core please fill out this form and send it to Dr. Myron Hinsdale at 

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