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Respiratory and Infectious Diseases

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The Immunopathology Core (IPC) provides state-of-the-art diagnostic pathology and immunology services to COBRE and other OCRID investigators. Biomedical researchers are often limited in performing complex immunopathologic analyses due to a lack of available technology/instrumentation, or by inexperience in delineating complex mechanisms associated with immune dysfunction and disease pathogenesis. These limitations highlight a critical need for a centralized resource by which investigators can receive collaborative and/or technical support necessary for their project’s success.

The IPC provides (1) access to cutting-edge assays for immunological data curation, (2) tissue processing for histopathology and downstream immunologic assays, and (3) expert support in analyses of immunopathologic data and gross/histologic lesion interpretation.

COBRE funds in Phases I-II focused on establishing, expanding, and upgrading the IPC equipment and services available to researchers. Substantial growth in Phase II highlighted the critical role of the IPC in the OCRID research infrastructure. In July 2023, the IPC was awarded Phase III funding and will focus on expanding the IPC into a self-sustaining entity able to support current and long-term state-of-the art research projects at local and regional institutions.


OCRID Core Facilities User Satisfaction Survey


OCRID Core facilities are committed to providing top quality services and technical expertise in respiratory and infectious disease for center and non-center investigators. We encourage all users to fill out a simple, ten question survey. Your responses, comments, and suggestions can help us improve our services.


Core Facilities User Satisfaction Survey


  • People

    Core Director:

    Dr. Rudra Channappanavar, DVM, PhD

    headshot of dr. rudra channappanavar




    Dr. Alexandra Ford, DVM, DACVP

    headshot of Dr. Alexandra Ford

    Core Advisor: 

    Dr. Jerry Ritchey, DVM, PhD


    Laboratory Manager:

    Ms. Shannon Cowan




    Mr. Caden Miller


  • Contact Information

    The Immunopathology Core

    171 McElroy Hall

    Stillwater, 74078

    Phone: 405-744-4749



    Reach out to us! Our staff and directors are always eager to discuss how we can best facilitate your research needs.

  • Services

    The Immunopathology Core provides immunology and pathology support including, but not limited to:

    Pathology support

    • Study design
    • Gross necropsy, evaluation, and tissue collection
    • Tissue processing and paraffin embedding of tissue sections
    • Routine (H&E) and special histologic staining
    • Gross and histopathological evaluation and interpretation of necropsy tissues
    • Photomicroscopy, image analysis, digital scanning
    • Lesions scoring and interpretation of pathologic findings
    • Immunohistochemistry
    • Slide Scanning 
    • Photomicrography 

    Immunology support

    • Fluorescence-activated cell sorting BD FACSAria Special Order Research Product (SORP) performs high speed sorts
    • Bio-Rad Bio-Plex 200 System
    • ELISA plate washer
    • Immunofluorescence
    • Technical support for evaluations using confocal microscopy and interpretation of images obtained by electron microscopy
    • Support for basic tests of immune function, antigen-specific T cell assays, and immune cell activation

    We are here to help!!!


    Immunopathology Core Citation and Acknowledgement Guidelines


    Acknowledgement of the core in submitted manuscripts is critical for the IPC's continued success. Please use the following statement in any publication where the IPC facilities, services, and/or personnel were used: 


    "The authors acknowledge resources and support from the Immunopathology Core, part of the Oklahoma State University's Oklahoma Center for Respiratory and Infectious Diseases (OCRID)."


  • Equipment


    Immunology and Characterization of Immune Response

    • Biosafety cabinet
    • Refrigerated microfuge
    • Table-top refrigerated centrifuge
    • ELISA plate washer
    • CO2 incubators and equipment for cell culture
    • Flow cytometry and cell sorting
    • Dedicated Laboratory computers/printers/IT support

    Flow cytometer

    • BD FACSAria SORP has 4-lasers (violet, blue, yellow-green, red) and is capable of aseptic, high-speed sorts. 2-way and 4-way sorts can be received into a variety of tubes including 1.5 ml Eppendorf tubes, 12x75mm tubes, or 15 ml conical tubes. The automated cell deposition unit (ACDU) allows sorting into multiwell plates and onto microscope slides. The cytometer is housed in a Baker BioProtect IV biosafety cabinet to allow sorting of BSL2 infected cells or pathogens.

    Please consider overlap in your panel when choosing fluors

    For assistance in designing a panel please contact Ms. Shannon Cowan or refer to this site:


    Bio-Plex 200 Array Reader

    The Bio-Plex 200 system is a suspension array system based on the xMap technology by Luminex. Bio-Plex offers protein and nucleic acid researchers a reliable multiplex assay solution that permits analysis of up to 100 biomolecules in a single sample. Multiple manufacturers produce kits that are compatible with the Bio-Plex. Some of these are listed below.






  • Forms
  • Price Information
    Immunology Services

    Aria with Operator


    Aria Self-serve




    ELISA Washer


    ELISA Reader


    Cytometry - Data Analysis


    Bio-Plex Immunoassay


    Technical support including training, consult, other

    $15/half hour

    Histology Services


    Gross necropsy eval including tissue collection


    Histopathologic eval including H&E slides


    Tissue trimming


    Process and embed only


    H&E slides


    Slide preparation (no interp.)


    Research decalcification


    Serial H&E stained slides


    Research IHC^


    Serial unstained slides


    Large slide box


    Small slide box


    Technical support including training, consult, other

    $15/half hour


    Full Price Sheet Here

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