Grants 2013-2014

Project/Pilot Project Leaders

Awasthi, Shanjana, NIH P20GM103640 (pilot project), “Structure-function relation of a TLR4-interacting Surfactant protein-A-derived peptide” 2013-2014, $67,000

Fahlenkamp, Heather, NSF 1150831, “An Advanced 3D Tissue Model for the Detection and Study of an Allergic Inflammatory Response”, 2013-2017, $400,738

Hoff, Wouter D., NSF MCB-1051590. National Science Foundation Molecular and Cellular Biosciences, “Bacterial light sensing by photoactive yellow protein.”, 2013-2016, $700,338

Burnap, Robert, Deng, Junpeng,  Hoff, Wouter D., Xie, Aihua, Xin, Wei,  NSF, MRI: Acquisition of an Advanced FT-IR System for Multi-Disciplinary Research and Training at Oklahoma State University, 09/01/2013-08/31/2017, $541,725

Miller, Kenneth E., Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences Intramural Grant, #CHS13-06, “Role of GDNF in primary sensory neurons during inflammation.”, 2013-2014, $12,500

Oomens, Tom, OCAST, Health Research Award HR13-179: Structure-function analysis of the Matrix protein hinge region in RSV assembly., 2013-2016, $135,000